Sometimes it takes a little help or a big village to make navigating the "kid" world a little easier. At Kid Up And Go, we strive to just do that. Whether you’re looking for something to do, need to find a doctor or just want to connect with someone else that can relate to what you’re dealing with, we hope that our resource site will help check the box. We're no experts by any means, but we think that by knowing the best place to start will help get you off on the right foot.


Jen (with one n)


Hailing originally from PA then living throughout various parts of the US, Jen decided to plant roots in DC in 2003. She's lived in three out of the four DC quadrants and now calls Alexandria home. She is mom to three kids and left her COO position at the end of 2013 to stay at home with her then two year old. When she's not balancing all that life has to offer, she attempts to figure out how to make life easier for parents by creating (or at least trying to create) a one-stop shop parent resource website.  Feel free to contact her at jen@kidupandgo.com.